Fun and Funky Decorative Clips ~ Individually Crafted in Troutdale Oregon


I am a combination of collegiately trained and self taught artisan, designer & crafts woman. In my formative years I studied a vast range of creative medium including: drawing, painting (oil, acrylic, & watercolor), sculpture, jewelry making, mixed media artwork, printmaking, costume design, makeup design, set design, museum curation, performance art and floral design.
I strengthened my skills for a decade through college courses, work experience and, in my own time, following my create passion. In 2007, I graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Arts from Southern Oregon University. I was then hired by a fine arts & framing company where I became a certified framer. After 5 years I transferred to a major arts & crafts corporation where I dove into the world of crafting.
I submerged myself in crafting media in order to learn all the possibilities of the product. After 4 years of hard work and exploration, I have moved from the realm of the corporation into my own studio space where making my line of unique, handmade hair clips delights and brings me unsurpassed joy. It is this joy that I wish to extend to the world.
Each clip is designed and crafted as a one of a kinda by my own two hands. It is my deepest desire that each one of these clips helps to express the unique beauty of the individual who wears it.
Blessings and Thank You.